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December 22, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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In Florence sustainability takes the shape of a lightning bolt

For the new Arval headquarters in Florence, Pierattelli Architetture has designed a zero impact building distinguished by a unique architectonic shape.

For Arval headquarters in Scandicci, in the outskirts of Florence, Pierattelli Architetture has designed a concept capable of gathering in one project the values of a distinctive iconic shape, technological innovation, social and environmental sustainability.
Arval is one of the leading companies in long-term car rental and its new headquarters in Florence represents the themes of social and environmental sustainability that characterize the company.

The “Photovoltaic Bolt” aims to be a building that architectonically represents a landscape landmark. An architecture where the word “sustainability” is not just an abstract or decorative concept.
The “Bolt” is a Climate House Class A building without emissions, self-sufficient thanks to geothermal pumps and photovoltaic panels.

The 7000 sqm of offices and common spaces are distributed over 3 floors and a basement that hosts about 200 employees per floor. Spaces are articulated around a central dorsal on north-south axis to provide an east-west direction and guarantee a correct sunlight position.

The complex has huge photovoltaic wings, realized through special photovoltaic flexible panels with a high efficiency, located on a lightweight steel structure and integrated with the ones on the roof. Systems and energetic management of the building are controlled by an automatic system that optimizes results.



To increase the dynamic identity of the building and interrupt the monotony of continuous windows, concrete pre-made facades were also designed. Using an innovative design, moulds were made with eaves on right and left sides. Matching those elements, it was possible to create tips, with a diamond shape, that move the elevations and the shapes of the building as much internally as externally.
The new Arval headquarters is one of the first directional buildings in Italy with zero environmental impact.


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