About We

The World Environment media platform with its printed Magazine, Web TV, news letter and press releases act as a reference and as a practical guide for Green workers, conscious professionals, leaders, and citizens of the world.
Readers from all walks of life refer to it for information, but also for inspiration to pioneer and integrate transformation into their new thinking.
The Magazine and website boldly address a wide array of specialized topics ranging from Ecology to Health, with the aim of fostering Innovation. This is conveyed though articles, interviews, and documentaries, on green issues like global warming, biodiversity, waste management, sustainable development, water and energy challenges.
Current affairs have geared business efforts towards corporate social responsibility, by factoring it into their profitable business equations to achieve sustainable growth. It has now undeniably become an essential component of an optimized business model. The Magazine and Website are a rich platform for idea generation across industries and green projects, providing handy material and state of the art elucidations to conceive of, but also to technically implement various projects, such that of facing the future of energy.
World Environment Magazine is printed to 10000 copies and distributed at major environmental events such as the Rio+20 conference and annually at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. In addition our news letter and press releases are sent to 100.000 targeted contacts worldwide.
In October 2012 the World Environment Media platform won the prestigious Green Mind Media Award ( http://www.worldenvironment.tv/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1594:world-environment-wins-the-green-media-award-at-the-green-mind-award-ceremony-the-greenest-gala-night-of-all&catid=53:world-news&Itemid=136).