Sing to Change: Boston to Boston

‘Sing to Change: Boston to Boston’ is a cross-Atlantic climate change collaboration uniting young people with a common goal – to raise awareness of the global climate emergency and encourage people to take action in response. The project also creates a professional musical, cultural and social experience for school children

The worldwide premiere of the Sing to Change: Boston to Boston version of Dane Myers’ ‘Change’ – a performance video from 14 schools across Boston UK and Boston US. The Sing to Change: Boston 2 Boston team Project Lead: Elenor Bowers-Jolley Director and editor: Darren S Cook Producer: Nicky Hagan Project Partners: Michael Kingsford, Paula Cooper and JoEllen Schilke Project Collaborators Boston Children’s Chorus: Robert McFletcher-Jones and Patrick Hanafin Lincolnshire Music Service: Andrew Hird Dane Myers: original song composer © Scruffy Bear Media 2024 All footage and content within this video is copyright of Scruffy Bear Media in association with The Come and Sing Company, Sea Us Rise and Dane Myers. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.